Care Fees planning and funding can be a complex matter and you may need financial advice to help you reach the most appropriate decisions when considering paying nursing home fees.

If you are paying for your own care or are responsible for someone else’s care fees, it is important to fully understand the full entitlements.  What will State should provide? When and how resources such as cash savings, pensions, investments and assets should be used to provide financial support for care fees

Specialist financial advice should take you to the stage where you can make clear and informed decisions. Not just about paying for care but also protecting your family's inheritance.  Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are able to consider the full spectrum of options when advising you on your own individual circumstances.  What is a right strategy for is unlikely to be the same for someone whose circumstances differ.

There are an array of financial schemes and products from many household names available to people trying to meet the cost of paying care home fees such as immediate care annuities and equity release.  Trying to work out which scheme from what provider is right for you can be a daunting task.  That’s another good reason to seek the financial advice you need from a specialist IFA who has experience of advising in this area of personal financial planning.