"During 2014 I realised that a friend of mine, aged 90, who lives in Coventry, was struggling to continue to live independently in her own home, and we began to look at sheltered housing as an option.  Following a fall in which she broke her wrist,  we realised that she needed additional care and support and, together with another friend, we were able to help her to secure a place for her in a residential care home in Coventry.  Notwithstanding her age, and recent fall, my friend was generally in good health and it seemed likely that she might need to pay for care for a considerable length of time.  I searched on the internet for financial advisors who specialised in giving retirement and care planning advice and was able to locate Edwina Hudson who clearly had considerable experience in this area.  The two of us who were supporting my friend in care (she had no family) were very pleased to meet with Edwina on a number of occasions to discuss a range of options for my friend and provided her with details of my friend’s financial and personal circumstances.    Edwina prepared a detailed discussion document setting out the options and her recommendations, and we eventually took her advice to purchase an Immediate Needs Care Plan that guaranteed a tax-free income per annum that, together with my friend’s pension and attendance allowance, would cover her care fees indefinitely.  This seemed a better option to us that just using the capital from her savings and the the sale of her accommodation, which would eventually have run out leaving my friend with the risk of having to move or change her care arrangements.

Throughout our dealings with Edwina she was always helpful, extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to the issues that we were grappling with. She was entirely professional in her approach, delivering information and guidance as promised, ensuring we understood what was being proposed and giving us the time and space to reflect on the options.  We were very pleased with the outcome and satisfied that we had managed my friend’s financial affairs in the best way possible given her needs and her vulnerability.  I would recommend Edwina very highly to anyone who finds themselves or their friends or relatives in need of care fees planning."

Knight - 2016


"I entrusted my investments to Simpson Financial Services Limited about four years ago and I have been very satisfied with the quality of advice and personal attention I have received.

I contacted Simpson Financial Services Limited when I was about to retire and I wanted to discuss investing my retirement package. We discussed a range of options, balancing need for access with long-term growth, and I entrusted them with my investments. I receive regular updates, we discuss annually any changes in the light of performance and I am able to contact my financial advisor and discuss any other related matters at any time. I am very satisfied with the quality of advice and personal attention I have received."

Kennaby - 2016